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​Daily departures, short transit times and state of the art equipment to / from Great Britain and Ireland.



​A single pallet to Belfast, a 6,0m-bundle of aluminium to the Isle of Wight or a drum of lubricant to Birmingham: we take care of all shipment sizes in our line haul system to/from the United Kingdom and Ireland, which are too big for the parcel services to carry. Daily, our network connects all areas of the United Kingdom and Ireland with the European Continent.

​LTL- + FTL-Shipments

​Every day, we ship Less- + Full-Truck-Loads from all over Europe to/from the United Kingdom and Ireland. Short transit times are based on in time pick-ups, a GPS-based dispatch, trained and skilled employees as well as on a state of the art fleet of equipment suitable for all types of different cargo.


​We can offer you a full range of advice and service in logistics. With over 75 years of experience in the market, combined with a partner network in all fields of logistics, we are sure to find a suitable answer to your question.


​No matter if you need a low loader, extendable trailer, inloader, container flat or a vessel bridge carrier: We can offer the suitable equipment for your abnormal cargo to/from the United Kingdom and Ireland. We would be pleased to ship your valueable cargo from anywhere in Europe to your customers in the UK and Ireland in time and in safe conditions. Since over 75 years, well known manufactures trust in our special cargo service.


​A 10,0m-crate of profiles, 200 europallets of specials or a piece of machinery: We would be pleased to offer you a suitable transshipment- + warehousing solution in Krefeld or anywhere in the United Kingdom or Ireland. Feel free to send us your request, we are glad to help you.

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​We offer daily ​departures, short transit times​ and complete shipment control with our ​trailer ​equipment.

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